Happy Birthday from CDO!

Creative Design Outlet has a  Birthday Giveaway celebrating you our loyal customers birthdays.

Please read the information carefully.

We are starting a birthday giveaway!!!! But read all of this so you know what to do and how to do it!!!

  1. You must email cdofreebies@creativedesignoutlet.com Email anyplace else and you wont get your birthday goodies!
  2. .Must be a CDO customer and have made a 5.00 purchase within 6 months prior to your birthday.
  3.  Can not be from that months releases, bonus tubes ,megas or any exclusives.
  4. Can only be requested during your birthday month. No EXCEPTIONS
  5. Can not be gifted to someone else.

We are giving you 1 free tube (2.00 value) and matching IB kit (2.00 value) for your birthday!!!! Can NOT be exchanged for anything other than this.

Here’s what we need when you email us.

1. Name
2. CDO License number
3. Email addy
3. Birthday Month and day
4. The tube you would like Artist name and tube number
5. The IB Kit designer name artist name and tube number

Please DO NOT send links or graphics in. If you do we will email you back asking you to give us the info we need.

This is in effect starting with this month August!
So all you August babies can email in anytime until 9pm CDO time August 31st.

Please allow 72 hours to receive your new goodies.

Again you must email here in order to get your birthday goodies cdofreebies@creativedesignoutlet.com

Please don’t email in before your birthday month. This is not retroactive.