Copyright Information

For all copyright violations please email

CDO is not affiliated with CILM.
Whatever you buy from CDO you will use your CDO license number.
In order to recieve a license number put new in the order field when you make your first purchase and we will email you your CDO license.
You can NOT use your CDO license number on CILM tubes you bought with them.
Don’t Forget the Dash!
It can be confusing with how to display the license you are issued. I thought it would be good to doa reminder for all of us. It is important to correctly display your license on all of your  creations.

Proper License Display:


Improper License Display:


For the license to be displayed correctly,it needs to have the dash between CDO & your license numbers. As always, if you ever have a question about anything CDO please don’t hesitate to ask the staff.


Hi Everyone!!
We come bearing good news!! You can now colourize tubes from Pin Up Toons!!!  This applies to Pin Up Toons bought from CDO only
This change applies just for his tubes so go wild & crazy and have some fun!!!

Below are 4 examples including the original tube: