Just giving you guys a heads up about some changes that will be happening to the CDO In the New Year!

From Jan 5th we will be getting rid of the ‘download fee’ from our store.

Some of the prices in the store will change to the following:

Single tubes $2.00
Packages will go up by 50c
Bundle Kits will go up by 50c
Animations $2.00

This will only affect the new January releases. The older tubes in the store will take time to change but it will be done over time.

We thought it would be awesome for our amazing artists to receive a small raise on their wonderful artwork! Most people receive raises every year its been well over 10 years for our artists!

Thank you,
CDO Store Mangement


We have had to revoke a few licenses today( March 15,2012). This is for your information for you to help protect your groups against getting illegal tags.
The following license numbers have been revoked.
1765 Gina
3397 Kellie
2841 Randi
3082 Roxana
3843 Ronda

It is NEVER ok to come in buy a few tubes from CDO and then go share them in your group of 20 or so people. Tubes and images are NEVER allowed to be shared other than in tag format and have the legal right to do this by purchasing tubes and images and ONLY using that artwork which you own in order to create and share your tags.
CDO will never revoke unless we have one hundred percent proof of illegal usage or sharing.


For a list of revoked licenses  click here

For more Copyright Information click here

 Garrett Blair 100%


To those who have read Garrett Blair’s Facebook posts in the past few weeks will sadly know and to those who have not, he was diagnosed HIV positive just before the holidays last year.

We just want all of his fans to know that every tube you buy from Garrett’s art at CDO 100% will go to him to help pay for the very expensive medical bills towards his treatment.

Garrett will also have a donation button on his site soon but if you would like to donate any funds you can you may through Paypal, his address is paypal@garrett-blair.com

Garrett will be bringing out some awesome NEW packages, a bonus tube and a scrap kit in the very near future and as stated 100% goes to him.

This has been posted with Garrett’s permission and we all wish him well.

Here’s just a small selection of Garrett’s amazing tubes just click continue reading

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