Blog News 09-12-11

Hi Everyone,

Tagger of the Month is returning!   Read all about it below:

I have revamped the Spotlight Tagger of the month.  I’ve made some changes to rules so please read carefully.

First off a recap of just what is Spotlight Tagger of the month ?

The Spotlight tagger will have a page dedicated to them on the CDO Blog for their entire month. There will be a short email interview. Questions will be about PSP, (or whatever your graphic software is) tagging, and a little bit about yourself.

You will pick three of your tags to be displayed on your page. CDO tags only, of course Your blog or website will be highlighted too so long as it is copyright compliant.  You will get a coupon for a 3 pack of tubes, which must be redeemed during your month. I will need your full name and license number for the coupon. You will also receive a nifty blinkie you can display on your site or email proclaiming that you are the CDO Tagger of the month.

Now to the rules of how  you can become the next Spotlight Tagger… Well that is one of the first changes.  The name. It will be revealed later.

1. You must be a license holder of CDO

2. Must be a member of one of the following. CDO Yahoo group, Diamond Group, or Facebook Group Page. (this is not the Facebook Fan page, but the group.)

3. A week before I choose the person by random generator I will make a blog post and those that comment will be the names that I will put into the “hat” to run through the generator. I will announce that the post is up in all three groups.

How I choose the tagger

1. The names of all three groups are entered on a spread sheet. I make the post on the blog, giving those in the groups plenty of time to comment. I will cross check the names on my spread sheet and run through the generator.  I will email the lucky person and they will have 48 hours to respond.

New Feature  *Monthly Contest on blog *

Every month I will run a contest/challenge on the blog. The prizes will range from 3 packs to Gift Cards  to scrap shops. There is no set date for this. Just check the blog and look for the post.

Member Tag Gallery is now open and the gallery has been updated. Thank you to all those that have sent me tags.

All submitted tags must be CDO or CDO and CILM ( both licenses must be on tag).All copyrights must be legible and correct. All tags must follow CDO’s TOU. By submitting your tags your are giving CDO permission to display them on the blog.

Below are the guide lines to submitting tags. They are very easy

1. All tags must be CDO or CDO with CILM( both licenses must be on tag). All tags must have legible and correct copyright. And follow CDO’s TOU

2.. Please email your tags to with Tag Submission  in the subject line Include your name in the body your  email .

There are more new features coming soon.

Thanks for reading!