Blog Graphics Layout Contest Info

Would you like to get  One  CDO 3 packs for free ?  Sure of course you would!  Let me tell you how it is super easy.

Create some graphics for the CDO Blog layout.  Never done any before ? It is quite simple. There is a banner/header, icons/bullets and a background tile that you need to make. A banner/header is like  making a forum tag or one of the new Facebook Timelines. Only the size is different.

The Layout Graphics must include

A banner/header which is just a big forum tag. It must be 1090 x300 or 1090×350 in JPG format.  This size includes a border if you add one.

On the header you must have the words Creative Design Outlet on it along with the artist copyright, your license number and the the package number the artwork is in.

Icon/bullet  1 to 3 of  them. They have to be very small no bigger than 25×32  You can see them used in titles of post and in the sidebar.  A little decoration of sorts. (  I can take care of this so if you have trouble with this no worries)

1 seamless background tile not to be bigger than 200×200. Seamless means that the background must tile on the page. I can work around most of them if they are not seamless or just use a color

And important note about using Scrap Kits in your  blog graphic design

If you use scraps in your layout  graphics you must have permission from the designer of the scrap kit to use on the CDO Blog.( The designer will have credit link in the side bar. ), The TOU states that it may be used in a commercial blog, You have used commercial use scraps or have made them yourself.  Scraps kits from CDO of course can be used to create the graphics.

The layout will be change twice a month. If you have had your layout featured it will be put in a queue so that someone that has not had one featured can have a turn.

You can take a look at our current layout here.

Email your entries to

The  layout will be changed twice a month and if yours is picked you will get 1 free CDO 3-pack.

Once you see your layout used you can email with your choice of your 1 free 3 pack!There is NO winner!!!! Just keep an eye on the blog to see if yours was chosen that week!
If you have any question don’t hesitate to email me @ with Blog Layout in the subject line.