Hi Everyone!!!

We have a new category in our store under Scrap Kits!
It is called Inspired By…

Our Scrap Kit makers have had the idea for a few weeks now and have finally put it into motion!!!!
This will be done by artist name and the kits will be inspired by previous artwork!!!

To kick it off we have a CrazyCarita scrap kit that was inspired by package 40 of Garrett Blair, and a kit from Rebel Dezigns which has a more general theme to it.
And just like Garrett’s tubes sales these kits Inspired By his artwork 100% of those sales will go to him.

Inspired By kits can be used as stand alone to tag with or be used with any artists artwork. The color, themes and elements are inspired by a certain package but can be used with any artists artwork.

We hope you will enjoy the new category we have to offer you and the scrap kit makers are working like crazy to get more goodies in there for you!!  They have a lot of goodies coming your way over the next few months!








100% of Sales to Garrett Blair



BUY 2 GET 1 FREE sale

This sale has ended

We are having a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE sale!!!! Starting now until 10pm PST Tuesday 31st January 2012

Here’s how you do it!

You buy 2 individual tubes of the same artist you get one free!

For example, if you order 2 PinUp Toons tubes, 2 CuddlyRigorMortis tubes, 2 Jennifer Janesko tubes you will then get 3 FREE tubes, one of each of the artists you bought
(it would be a free PinUpToons, CRM, and a Janesko tube).


Buy any two 3 packs get the 3rd one FREE. They need to be from the same artist.
For example you buy two Ed Mironiuk 3 packs, 2 Ted Hammond 3 packs and get two 3 packs free one of Ed Mironiuk and one of Ted Hammond.

Scrap kit designers are also on this offer. The artist bundle packs are not. So for example you were to buy  2 mini kits from Foxys Designz you would get another mini pack from Foxys Designz free.

*Tubes/packages must be of equal or lesser value.
Artist must have 3 packages or more currently released.
Artist bundle packs do NOT count on this offer.*

Once you have placed your order please send a copy to customerhelp@creativedesignoutlet.com with what free tubes/packages you are wanting. Once we receive this we will email you your new goodies during regular business hours.  Please keep in mind CDO is closed on Sunday and your requests will be filled on Monday morning. You can always find CDO’s current time by visiting the home page on the left hand side www.cdoestore.com

This is a great opportunity to get the FREE BONUS TUBES we have on offer this month too!

So for example, if you were to buy 2 Amy Matthews packs you would get your choice of a 3rd pack and the bonus tube for FREE!!!

*Please remember that $10 must be spent to get the free bonus tubes after any discounts.*

Don’t miss out!!

And don’t forget about these  other offers that make the sale even sweeter!

You can see the bonus tubes on offer  Here

The ATOW are 20% off you can see that post Here

CDO Birthday Giveaway for details and to see the prizes go Here

We now have a new payment plan for the Diamond Club!! CDO is now allowing not just monthly & yearly memberships but also 3 & 6 months!!
Click the here for details!




We have 2 new photography packages from Hawaiian Cowgirl & Childress Imaging released today!!


Hawaiian Cowgirl Package 12

Hawaiian Cowgirl Package 12


Childress Imaging Package 10.

Childress Imaging Package 10


And as there are now 10 packs from Childress Imaging you can now get the combo pack! That’s 10 packages for the price of 8!!

Childress Imaging Custom Combo 10 Pack


We have 2 NEW packages from Chrissy Clark released today and these also come with MEGA versions too!!  These packs have loads and loads of layers to play with!!


Chrissy Clark Package 6

Chrissy Clark Package 6


Chrissy Clark Package 7

Chrissy Clark Package 7


  Chrissy Clark Mega Package 6

Chrissy Clark Mega Package 6


Chrissy Clark Mega Package 7

Chrissy Clark Mega Package 7

Be sure to check out all the previews in  the store on both the regular packs ( there are close ups!) and the mega packs with layers and mega pack 6 come with a bonus image with lots of layers too! Awesome!

Chrissy Clark