CDO’s having a BUY 2 GET 2 FREE SALE!!

*No discounts can be used and this applies to packs 1-20 only*



Starting from 9am PST Friday 19th May 2017 until Noon PST Tuesday 23rd May 2017.

This is for any tube package numbered 1-20 ONLY and must be of the same artist.
So, buy any 2 packs of the same artist between 1-20 and you can get another 2 packs between 1-20 for FREE!

No discounts can be used on these orders. Diamond Club members will be entered into a lotto to WIN prizes!

Once you have placed your order please send a copy to with what free packages you are wanting.
Once we receive this we will email you your new goodies during regular business hours.
You can always find CDO’s current time by visiting the home page on the left hand side

*Free tube packages must be of equal or lesser value.
Artist must have 20 packages or more currently released.
The packs that apply to this offer are only the first 20 released by that artist.
No discounts can be used on these orders.
This offer does not include gifts, they must be bought separately.
Free tube packs can not be gifted.
Orders placed before this sale started can not claim for freebies.*

The store has been doing some upgrades and not all customers are receiving their orders, these are being sent manually. Please be patient, thank you.

This is a great opportunity to get some of the FREE BONUS TUBES we have on offer this month too!
So for example, if you were to buy any 2 Marika packs 1-20, you would get your choice of 2 more Marika packs 1-20 for FREE and get the bonus tube for FREE too!!
*Please remember that $10 must be spent on tubes to get the free bonus tubes after any discounts.*
Don’t miss out!!

Here’s the FREE BONUS TUBE offers we have running this month.
These offers end at 10pm PST 31st May 2017!
You do not need to email in for them, they will be sent to you once we see your order during office hours.



The CDO scrap designers have made a gorgeous Pink Skies Grey Passion themed collab kit to giveaway to you this month!!

You can get this collab for FREE if you buy any 3 CDO scrap kits between now & 10pm PST 31st May 2017.
You can buy ANY three kits you want – An Inspired By kit, a mini, a regular, a mega kit and even artist bundle kits. You can also mix and match, it doesn’t matter who the designer is!

So just buy any 3 kits and we will automatically send you the collab for FREE!

In total there are 195 elements, 25 frames, 9 word arts and 48 papers!

This fabulous kit will be a great addition to your graphics folder!So open up your PSP and start making some beautiful tags now!!  Don’t miss out, as it goes away forever at 10pm PST 31st May 2017.
And it’s Scrap Friday too!!
We have 6 NEW scrap kits for you this week including 4 Inspired By kits from Honored Scraps, Hania’s Design & Schnegge’s Scraps which are inspired by the art of Melissa Dawn, Abranda Icle Flaminio & Jasmine Becket-Griffith. And there’s also some stunning new kits from Honored Scraps & Gimptastic Scraps too!!

*Don’t forget these scrap kits may be used with ANY artists work.
Please follow CDO’s TOU’s for your tubes.





















CDO Pink Skies Grey Passion Collab Kit Preview





Hi Everybody!

We’re delighted to welcome Hania’s Design & Creative Scraps By Crys to the CDO scrap team today!!
There are 9 fabulous new kits for you today with many more to come!!

Here’s the new kits available at CDO today…  Larger and additional previews are available in the store.




























It’s Scrap Friday at CDO!!
We have 7 BRAND NEW scrap kits this week including 5 NEW Inspired By kits for you this week from Foxys Designz, Schnegge’s Scraps, Honored Scraps & Gimptastic Scraps which are inspired by the art of Enamorte, Jamie Kidd, Amy Brown, The Vintage Angel & Michi Art! And there’s also gorgeous new kits from Honored Scraps & Tasha’s Playground too!

*Don’t forget all kits (apart from bundle packs) may be used with ANY artists work.
Please follow CDO’s TOU’s for your tubes.


Here’s the new kits…  Larger and additional previews are available in the store.

























Hi Everyone!!

We have something fun planned for the weekend! Winners will be announced after the event ends.

Exclusive tubes do not count towards this event.If you purchase any of those goodies they do not count towards the total on your order.Please read ALL of this email BEFORE you place an order, If you have any questions please email

We will be picking 2 lucky order numbers out of every 10 orders so you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning!

Here’s how to qualify:
Just spend $2.00 and up to have a chance to win!!

What do you have a chance at winning?
We have tiered the prizes so it depends on what you spend.

Tier One Spend $2.00-$4.99 for a chance to win a free tube!
Tier Two Spend $5.00-$8.99 for a chance to win a single IB scrap kit and matching tube!
Tier Three Spend $9.00-$12.99 for a chance to win a regular 3 pack!
Tier Four Spend $13.00-$29.99 for a chance to win a Scrap Kit bundle kit.
Tier Five Spend $30.00 or more in the store for a chance to win all 4 tiers!

10 orders will be 2 winners, 20 orders will be 4 winners, 30 orders 6 winners etc….

Orders as they come in go into a batch of 10. Two winners are pulled from this batch of 10. Then the next 10 orders go into the next batch and then two winners will be pulled from that batch of 10 etc…..
If you make two purchases then you could win twice!

This event runs from 8am PST Friday 12th May 2017 until NOON PST Monday 15th May 2017.

We will announce the winners after the event ends.
Your prize depends on how much you have spent after any discounts.
Prizes can not be gifted and can not be from next months new releases or exclusive tubes.

Happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating this weekend!!
Have fun shopping & good luck!!!

We have a BRAND NEW – EXCLUSIVE TUBE for you today!!

From time to time we will have exclusives available from independent artists, and as these artists are not officially CDO artists their tubes can NOT be purchased with any discounts and they will never be on sale.

We have a BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE TUBE from Lix released today!!
And there’s also an ‘Inspired By’ scrap kit from Gimptastic Scraps too which can be used for this tube!!
*This kit can be used with any other artist!


Lix Exclusive Tube 3





We have BRAND NEW tubes from Yuriko Shirou & Delphine Demers released today with matching scrap kits from Honored Scraps & Schnegge Scraps!


Yuriko Shirou Package 3






Delphine Demers Package 90






We have BRAND NEW tubes from Steve Baier & Anna Marine released today with matching scrap kits from Honored Scraps!



Larger and additional previews are available in our store.


Steve Baier Package 14




Anna Marine Package 66