Hi Everybody

Let me tell you the good, the bad, the ugly and the AMAZING!

Firstly, the company that i go through that hosts the CDO store has informed me that the drive that has our store on it is corrupt and so is the back up store and now it needs to go for data recovery.

Let me tell you the good that has come from this before anyone gets the withdraw shakes too bad!

While this has been going on I decided to look at another hosting company that I had looked at 4 years ago. We were 6 weeks into a whole new system for you guys when the bottom fell out of it. You might be saying why did the bottom fall out? and why would you try again?
Well try explaining a PSP company to someone that doesn’t even know or has ever heard of a PSP tube LOL.
I was always up front about what the store is and the amount of bandwidth we use and I was given a price which I was good with, no problem. Every time I talked to them on the phone while getting this set up I would again make sure the bandwidth was not an issue.
For 6 weeks Claire and myself spent dozens and dozens if not hundreds of hours working on this amazing new store.
When I asked once again about bandwidth and was told something different I spent days with a manager going over everything then to find out the amount of bandwidth CDO uses would run a few thousand dollars a month to host.
So I gave up this new wonderful new hosting company.

Well back to my long winded story…LOL
I went to see about a new hosting company yesterday because in the back of my mind i’m thinking this isnt going to turn out well.
My first thought was to go and see if by chance they had made any changes to their programs AND THEY HAVE!!!!

So I decided ok, we will run the store once its up again as normal and in the background I was going to make a new shiny play toy for you guys and launch the new store on our 8th anniversary Jan 1st.
Well now they can’t seem to recover our data fast enough for me.
So today I will purchase our new hosting company for CDO!

Now let’s go back to the bad for a moment. All 30k of our products have to be loaded in… OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!
This is going to take us a little time to do. CDO’s team is amazing but we are not super heroes…LOL

We will start back with all of our new releases for September and add in the ones we have not released yet.
And we will be adding in all older products as soon as we get Sept releases in.
We will try our hardest to have in those new released artists older artwork in also so you can grab those amazing bonus tubes.

Just please be patient with us. We will go as fast as we possibly can.

Now back to some amazing new goodies for you guys!
You will receive a receipt for your orders BUT you will download from the site upon purchase and it will ALWAYS be there for you!
If you have a hard drive crash well you can go download that tube again! Please keep in mind this will only be orders from day one of the new hosting company. Older orders will still have to be manually replaced.

I said goodies but I have a lot to do. So that is the first spoiler coming.
Also you can watch it all grow in real time. Today I will get everything done and then I have to do some things in the store to be ready for new releases.
BUT as soon as you see the CDO store come up again get in there and register, make wish lists and have fun watching it build!
And maybe buy some new tubes and check out all the new features!!
We will still have the same url www.cdoestore.com, your license numbers will stay the same all you have to do is create a new account once you see the store pop up.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. This hosting company I wanted 4 years ago just changed their usage policy 9 days ago making it possible for CDO to be hosted with them!

I’m super stressed, I’m super annoyed this happened. BUT I’m super excited for these new changes.
You have no idea how amazing it will all be!!!

The next email we send will be letting you know that we are open again.

Thank you ALL for your patience, we really do have the best customers!!

Kelly Huff
CDO Store Owner


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