It’s that time of year again we run a special for the CDO Diamond Club!!
This starts now and ends Noon PST June 19th 2018.

Buy a YEARLY membership for a special price of $80 (normally $109.95)
OR you can buy a yearly for $95 and get 12 past retired Diamond bonus tubes as an extra!

This can be for yourself, someone in the diamond group already or a brand new member!!
These memberships can be added to your current membership if you are already a member.

The 12 past retired Diamond bonus tubes can be found here:

If you are already a member and have all of the Diamond tubes you may pick any 3 retired bonus tubes from 2012-2017 from this page:

Just email with your order number & license number, list of 12 diamond club retired bonus tubes you want.

You can not choose the current tube from PinUp Toons as you will receive that when purchasing.

Please note:
NO DISCOUNTS can be used.

You can buy the $80 yearly membership here: 

The $95 yearly membership with 12 retired Diamond Club tubes here:

Here’s what you get with a Diamond Club membership.
* 20% off coupon code that can be used on orders over $5 anytime in the store except for exclusive tubes or memberships.
* An extra 10% off if we are having a percentage off sale.
* The monthly Diamond Club exclusive tube.
* A free tube of your choice ($2.00 value) every month you are a member on any tube in the store except for exclusive tubes and new release tubes.
* You can also join the Yahoo Diamond Club membership group where we have lots of contests and activities. You can earn diamonds just by joining in on the fun and those diamonds can be cashed in for more free tubes!!! You do not have to join the Yahoo group, its just an added bonus to your membership and the group has a bunch of wonderful members!!

You can read more about the Diamond Club membership here:

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