We have something fun planned for the week! Winners will be announced after the event ends.

Exclusive tubes do not count towards this event. If you purchase any of those goodies they do not count towards the total on your order.
Please read ALL of this email BEFORE you place an order, If you have any questions please email cdocustomerhelp@gmail.com

We will be picking 3 lucky order numbers out of every 10 orders so you have a 3 in 10 chance of winning!

Here’s how to qualify:
Just spend $2.00 and up to have a chance to win!!

What do you have a chance at winning?
We have tiered the prizes so it depends on what you spend.

Tier One Spend $2.00-$5.50 for a chance to win a free tube!
Tier Two Spend $5.51-$9.00 for a chance to win a single IB scrap kit and matching tube!
Tier Three Spend $9.01-$14.99 for a chance to win a regular 3 pack!
Tier Four Spend $15.00-$34.99 for a chance to win a Scrap Kit bundle kit.
Tier Five Spend $35.00 or more in the store for a chance to win all 4 tiers!

10 orders will be 3 winners, 20 orders will be 6 winners, 30 orders 9 winners etc….

Orders as they come in go into a batch of 10. Three winners are pulled from this batch of 10. Then the next 10 orders go into the next batch and then three winners will be pulled from that batch of 10 etc…..
If you make two purchases then you could win twice!

This event runs from 8am PST Tuesday 24th April 2018 until NOON PST Sunday 29th April 2018.

We will announce the winners Monday April 30th 2018.  Your prize depends on how much you have spent after any discounts.
Prizes can not be gifted and can not be from next months new releases or exclusive tubes.
ALSO each $5.00 order will get a ticket in for a chance to win ALL of May’s tube releases (up to two packs per artist release). If your order is $10.00 you get 2 tickets etc.
There will be a live drawing for May goodies held in the CDO Facebook group!

Have fun shopping & good luck!!

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