It’s the boss’s Daughter’s 28th Birthday so we’re having a SALE to celebrate!!
Starting right now you can get 28% OFF orders of $5 and over!!

Just use this code when you go through the checkout:

This special runs for 48 hours and ends 8am PST Monday April 16th 2018.
You can always find CDO’s current time by visiting the home page on the left hand side

*This sale does not include Diamond Club memberships, Combo packs, Exclusive tubes or gifts. They must be purchased separately. 
Artist of the week discounts have been discontinued during this sale. 
Bonus tubes will only be given out to those spending $10 or more on their tubes. The $10 spent must be AFTER any discounts.

This is a great way to get the FREE BONUS TUBES we have on offer this month!

Happy Birthday Danielle!!


** Note Diamond Club Members – Check the Diamond Club Facebook or  Yahoo Group Email for your special code.

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