Let’s kick off this week with some Who Wants One’s from Staci, these are available from The Official CDO Facebook Group

#1, featuring the art of Marika and ScrapGimptastic_IB-Elias Chatzoudis-132-1

#2, featuring the art of Elias Chatzoudis and ScrapGimptastic_IB-The Vintage Angel-9-1

#3, featuring the art of Sabine Rich and ScrapLHD_IB-JenniferJanesko-June2013-bt

#4, featuring the art of Hannah Lynn and ScrapLHD_IB-JamieKidd-52-1

#5 featuring just the scraps from ScrapTP_IB-AnnaLiwanag-Sept2015bt

#7, featuring the art of The Vintage Angel and ScrapFoxy_IB-Molly Harrison-August2017-bt

#8, featuring the art of Andreea Cernstean and ScrapFoxy_IB-Andreea Cernestean-33-3

What You Do To Me show off animated tag by Deep, featuring the art of Jasmine Becket-GriffithScrapSS_IB-Andreea Cernestean-Aug2017-bt and SophisticatSimoneAnimation-Package-202

Enchanted tutorial by Fi, featuring the art of Amy Brown and ScrapFoxy_IB-Molly Harrison-May2017-bt

At The Shore tutorial by Fi, featuring the art of Monte Moore and ScrapGimptastic_AtThe Shore-mini

Serenity wallpaper by Tonya, featuring the art of Concetta Kilmer and ScrapTP_Serenity

Never Stop Dreaming wallpaper by Tonya, featuring the art of Briet Olga and ScrapLHD_BrietOlga-Package-1

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