We have a brand new offer for you – ALL orders of $3.00 or more will WIN prizes at CDO!
You can only win 1 of the tiers unless you get to tier 5 then you get it all!!

Tier One Spend $3.00-$4.99 to get a free tube! (up to a $2.00 value)
Tier Two Spend $5.00-$10.99 to get a single IB scrap kit and matching tube! (Up to a $2.00 value tube and $2.00 value IB kit)
Tier Three Spend $11.00-$16.99 to get a regular 3 pack and IB kit! (up to $5.50 pack Value and $3.50 mini kit)
Tier Four Spend $17.00-$39.99 for a chance to win a Scrap Kit bundle kit. (Up to a $9.00 value)
Tier Five Spend $45.00 or more in the store to receive all 4 tiers!!
Tier Six Spend $80.00 or more for a double win!! That’s all of the tier prizes a second time!!

Just email customerhelp@creativedesignoutlet.com with the following information that applies to you. Just copy and paste!!

CDO-License Number:
Order Number:
Tier you qualified for:
Your goodies you would like:
We always need artist name, pack number/tube number.
If you have won a kit then we need the designers name & name of the kit.



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