A beautiful show off tag from Deep, featuring the art of Anna Liwanag and a second sample using a retired bonus tube from PinUp Toons

Another beautiful show off tag from Deep, featuring the art of Sara Butcher

Natural Beauty Wallpaper by Tonya, featuring the art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith and ScrapGimptastic_IB-JasmineBecket-Griffith-135-3

Natures Magic Wallpaper by Tonya, featuring the art of Nikki Burnette and ScrapTP_IB-JasmineBecket-Griffith-166-1

Maternal Love by Rosa, includes snags and 3 incredimail letters in Spanish and English. Featuring the art of Ash Evans

Pray by Fi, featuring the art of Alena Lazareva and second sample using the art of Martin Abel

Staci has also posted 8, yes 8 Who Wants One in the CDO Facebook Group

#1, featuring the art of Cuddly Rigor Mortis and ScrapLHD_Cuddly Rigor Mortis-Package-109

#2, featuring the art of Anna Marine and ScrapTP_ShesSoClassy-AM11A

#3, features the art of Olga Fomina and ScrapTP_TheseTears

#4, features the art of The Vintage Angel and ScrapLHD_IB-NicoleBrune-January2017-bt

#5, featuring just the elements/papers from ScrapCD_Enamorte-October2015-bt

#6, featuring the art of Enys Guerrero and ScrapCD_IB-JenniferJanesko-July2012-bt

#7, featuring the art of Vinegar and ScrapGimptastic_IB-Enamorte-22-3

and lastly #8, featuring the art of Sheena Pike and ScrapGimptastic_IB-SheenaPike-5-1

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