Over the years gifts have been exclusive tubes from various artists. I thought long and hard about this and know people don’t always like the tubes that are chosen so I thought I would let you all pick what you wanted!!

Our gift to our customers who have spent just $15.00 or more in our store this last year, from January 1st 2016 until the time of this newsletter being sent (Midnight PST 24th December 2016).

Pick any 3 tubes from our 2011 retired bonus tubes page:
This will be the FINAL time they will ever be available!!

Please email CDOSanta@creativedesignoutlet.com with your list for CDO Santa. (Copy and paste the email into a new email)

This is important – We will need your full name, email address, and license number.
A list of the 3 tubes you would like.
Please let us know the Artist/Artists name and month, please do NOT send us links to the images in the store or the images themselves.
Please do not email Customer Help unless you do not hear from CDO Santa after 96 hours.

1 gift per household.

Please copy paste the list below and add your details to it:
Email address:
CDO License number:
Tube 1:
Tube 2:
Tube 3:

Please DO NOT send in links to what you would like and please do not send in on an email with stationery. Please do not send in images of what you are wanting.
Make sure the tubes you picked are not already owned by you, please check before requesting. Mistakes on your end can not be changed so double check your list before sending it to Santa.

Please allow 96 hours for delivery of your goodies!!! If you miss one of the directions we will email you back letting you know what you missed and to correct that and it will put you again at the end of the line and can be up to another 96 hour wait. So make sure you have read everything and have requested correctly!!

You have until the clock strikes 2017 (December 31st 2016 11:59 pm PST) to cash in for your Christmas gift. Gifts will not be filled after this time.

Break down on qualifying…
Customers who have spent $15.00 or more in the store between Jan 1st 2016 through December 24th 2016.
If your account is linked to a family member then only 1 person can request the Christmas gift. If you are unsure if you spent enough then you can log into your account and then on the home page lower left hand side under ‘My Profile’ you will see your orders. Anything you have purchased in the store the details will be there for each of your orders. You can view order dates and money spent.

This email is being automatically sent on Christmas Day.
Please remember CDO is closed until December 26th at 8:00am PST.
Again, please expect up to a 96 hour delay in getting your goodies!!!!

We hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday Season!!!

CDO Staff


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