Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at CDO!!
Please read ALL of this post so you know how to collect your Christmas present!!!!



Over the years gifts have been exclusive tubes from various artists. I thought long and hard about this and know people don’t always like the tubes that are chosen so I thought I would let you all pick what you wanted!!!!

Our gift to our customers who have spent just $15.00 or more in our store this last year, from January 1st 2015 until the time of this newsletter being sent (Midnight PST 24th December 2015).

Pick any 6 tubes that are for sale in the store (value $1.85 or below), picks can not be from any December 2015 releases, retiring artists or Exclusive tubes. (When looking at tubes in the description section you will see the month it was released. Just do not pick anything that says ‘Released December 2015’)
So go to the store and pick your own goodies!!!
Please email with your list for CDO Santa. (Copy and paste the email into a new email)

We will need your full name, email address, and license number.
A list of the 6 tubes you would like.
Please let us know the Artist/Artists name and tube number, please do NOT send us links to the images in the store or images themselves.
Please do not email Customer Help unless you do not hear from CDO Santa after 96 hours.

1 gift per household.

Please copy paste the list below and add your details to it:
Email address:
CDO License number:
Tube 1:
Tube 2:
Tube 3:
Tube 4:
Tube 5:
Tube 6:

Please DO NOT send in links to what you would like and please do not send in on an email with stationery. Please do not send in images of what you are wanting.
Make sure the tubes you picked are not already owned by you or spelt wrong, eg putting 116-2 instead 16-2. Mistakes on your end can not be changed so double check your list before sending it to Santa.

Please allow 96 hours for delivery of your goodies!!! If you miss one of the directions we will email you back letting you know what you missed and to correct that and it will put you again at the end of the line and can be up to another 96 hour wait. So make sure you have read everything and have requested correctly!!!!

You have until the clock strikes 2016 (December 31st 2015 11:59 pm PST) to cash in for your Christmas gift. Gifts will not be filled after this time.

Break down on qualifying…
Customers who have spent $15.00 or more in the store between Jan 1st 2015 through December 24th 2015.
If your account is linked to a family member then only 1 person can request the Christmas gift. If you are unsure if you spent enough then you can log into your account and then on the home page lower left hand side under ‘My Profile’ you will see your orders. Anything you have purchased in the store the details will be there for each of your orders. You can view order dates and moneys spent.

This email is being automatically sent on Christmas Day.
Please remember CDO is closed until December 26th at 8:00am PST.
Again, please expect up to a 96 hour delay in getting your goodies!!!!

We hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday season!!!
CDO Staff





We’re having a SALE!!
This is a tiered sale – You get to pick your savings!!!

Before ordering please remember when getting bonus tubes it is $10.00 spent after discounts on the artists tubes you are wanting that currently have a bonus tube.

Just put $5.00 or more in your cart and save 10%!!!!
Just use promo code CDO10 upon checkout and it will take 10% off your order!

Just put $20 worth of tubes in your cart and get $5 off your order!
Just use promo code 5CDO20 upon checkout and it will take $5 off your order!

Just put $40 worth of tubes in your cart and get $10 off your order!
Just use promo code 10CDO40 upon checkout and it will take $10 off your order!

Just put $60 worth of tubes in your cart and get $15 off your order!
Just use promo code 15CDO60 upon checkout and it will take $15 off your order!

Just put $80 worth of tubes in your cart and get $20 off your order!
Just use promo code 20CDO80 upon checkout and it will take $20 off your order!

Just put $100 worth of tubes in your cart and get $35 off your order!
Just use promo code 35CDO100 upon checkout and it will take $35 off your order!

This special runs from 8am PST Friday December 18th – 10pm PST Wednesday 23rd December 2015.
You can always find CDO’s current time by visiting the home page on the left hand side

*These sale codes CAN NOT be used on the following products;
Exclusive tubes,
Diamond Memberships,
Combo packs,
Gift Certificates
Bonus tubes will only be given out to those spending $10 or more on their tubes. The $10 spent must be AFTER any discounts are applied.*

Here’s the FREE BONUS TUBE offers we have running this month.
*IB kits can not be used towards the $10 to qualify for bonus tubes*
You do not need to email in for them, they will be sent to you once we see your order during office hours



The CDO scrap designers have made a stunning New Year collab kit to giveaway to you this month!!

You can get this collab for FREE if you buy any 3 CDO scrap kits between now & 10pm PST 31st December 2015.
You can buy ANY three kits you want – An Inspired By kit, a mini, a regular, a mega kit and even artist bundle kits. You can also mix and match, it doesn’t matter who the designer is!

There are 156 elements, 14 frames, 8 word arts and 39 papers!
And it’s Scrap Friday too!!
We have 8 NEW scrap kits for you this week including 5 Inspired By kits from Babycakes Scraps, Gimptastic Scraps, Ladyhawwk Designs & Honored Scraps which are inspired by the art of Dean Yeagle, PinUp Toons, Jennifer Janesko, Rene Kunert & Enamorte. And there’s also awesome new kits from Ladyhawwk Designs, Honored Scraps & Gimptastic Scraps too!!

*Don’t forget these scrap kits may be used with ANY artists work.
Please follow CDO’s TOU’s for your tubes.

And keep your eyes open on the CDO Scrap Designers blog for this weeks terrifying FREEBIES!
Be Inspired here –


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CDO’s Holiday Bonus Tube Bonanza Is Back!


We are bringing back our Bonus Tube Bonanza for The Holidays!!!!
We have put all of our Holiday themed retired bonus tubes on this page so if there’s any that you missed over the last few years you can now get them and make some super gorgeous tags!!
These Holiday themed tubes are Christmas, New Year & Winter.

Here’s how you can get them:

For every $10 spent (after any discounts) on that artists tubes in our store you can get 1 FREE retired Holiday themed tube of theirs!!

You can find all the retired Holiday themed tubes here:

Please note:
$10 spent is on tubes only – scrap kit sales are not included in this offer.
$10 spent must be on the artists tubes that you want the bonus tube of.
Gift Certificates can NOT be cashed in for bonus tubes.
Bonus tubes can NOT be gifted.
Diamond Club tubes are not included in this offer.

If you are buying a scrap bundle then only $5.00 counts towards the tubes spent. Example: You buy LHD-PinUpToons-190 and tube package PinUp Toons 191 both of these equal $5.00 each towards the bonus tubes.

You can order more than once during this promotion but each order counts as its own. Meaning you can not order 4 or 5 times and group the sum total for the bonus tube. Each order that qualifies you would cash in for a bonus tube. Money left over does not carry over towards another order for qualifying. So make sure if you are wanting a retired Holiday bonus tube you hit the $10.00 mark on that order to get the freebie.

Once you have ordered please forward your order to with your license number.

Please let us know what retired Holiday themed tube/tubes you would like.
We need the artist name, the month and the year.
Please do not send in the graphics to the bonus tubes you would like.
Please allow up to 48 hours to get your retired goodies!

This is not retro active. This promotion starts 3pm PST Friday 11th December and ends 10pm PST Dec 31st 2015.


We have 9 BRAND NEW scrap kits this week including 6 NEW Inspired By kits for you this week from Ladyhawwk Designs, Honored Scraps, Gimptastic Scraps & Schnegge’s Scraps which are inspired by the art of Vinegar, Anna Marine, Dean Yeagle, Maryline Cazenave, Kurama Phoenix & Anna Liwanag! And there’s also some amazing new kits from Honored Scraps & Gimptastic Scraps too!

*Don’t forget all kits (apart from bundle packs) may be used with ANY artists work.
Please follow CDO’s TOU’s for your tubes.

And keep your eyes open on the CDO Scrap Designers blog for this weeks FREEBIES!
Be Inspired here –

Here’s the new kits… just click on read more.

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We have 6 BRAND NEW animation packs from Rebel Dezigns released today!   These packs have both .PSD & .MNG files included too!   See these animation in action in the store.












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We have 2 BRAND NEW tube packages from Anna Liwanag out today with matching bundle kits from Ladyhawwk Designs & Foxys Designz!!

And there’s also a FREE BONUS TUBE offer too!

So from now until 10pm PST 31st December 2015 just spend $10 or more (AFTER any discounts) on any Anna Liwanag tubes or bundle kits and we will email you your free Anna Liwanag bonus tube automatically during CDO business hours, you do not even need to email in for it!


Dec2015-AnnaLiwanagAnna Liwanag Bonus Tube December 2015


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