Here are the winners from our 4th July Event!!

Please make sure you read everything to know what qualified on your order and what you won!!!
Exclusive tubes do NOT count towards the money spent. So make sure you look at your order and if you have those items on there you need to deduct that from your total.

Example: you spent $12.25 but one of those tubes was one of the new exclusive tubes this month of $3.00. You would take the $12.25 and minus the $3.00 giving you a total of $9.25 towards your winnings for the tier.

You may not chose the new July releases as your prizes.
You may not gift your prizes.
You may not choose exclusives as your prizes.

Here are the winners!!!!

Prizes are below. Email with your order number, License number and the prize/prizes you would like.
Please do NOT send graphics or links. We need the artists name, tube number or package number. If you have won any scrap kits we need the designer name and name of kit or designer name and bundle kit name.

Here are the winners from 8:09am 3rd to 8am 6th
We had 12 groups of 10 for a total of 23 winners!
Order numbers 360860 and 360865

Order numbers 360872 and 360877

Order numbers 360880 and 360884

Order numbers 360891 and 360895

Order numbers 360900 and 360904

Order numbers 360909 and 360912

Order numbers 360921 and 360923

Order numbers 360935 and 360939

Order numbers 360945 and 360949

Order numbers 360953 and 360959

Order numbers 360963 and 360968

Order number 360973
Take a look at your order number to see what you won!

Tier One Spend $1.85-$4.99 for a chance to win a free tube! (1.85)
Tier Two Spend $5.00-$8.99 for a chance to win a single IB scrap kit (2.00) and matching tube (1.85) !
Tier Three Spend $9.00-$12.99 for a chance to win a regular 3 pack! (5.00)
Tier Four Spend $13.00-$29.99 for a chance to win a Scrap Kit bundle kit. (8.50)
Tier Five Spend $30.00 or more in the store for a chance to win all 4 tiers. (everything above)

We hope you all enjoyed our 4th July Event – thank you for playing!!
Congratulations to all of the winners!!


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