CDO’s 4th Birthday Winners have been picked!!

If you have won a prize please go to this page to see what you have won and if it’s a your choice on a print then please let us know what one you choose.

Please email

We need your full name, mailing address for those that need something shipped to them. What you have won. Karen Middleton second place for example, or Dirk Richter 2nd place with the name of the print you want this is another example. To try and save on emailing back and forth the more information you give us the first time the faster we can expedite your new goodies. If you have won something that is not a tangible item then email us with what you won and we will go from there.
Everyone that has won something:
We need your CDO License number and Order number and what you have won.

Those that are getting something snail mailed to them we need your full mailing address along with all the other information. Items may not ship until the first of March.
The deadline to claim your prize/prizes is February 28th 2015 9PM CDO Time. After that they are gone and will be put up for offer again at a later date.
Please allow six weeks for delivery before emailing us that you have not yet received your prize/prizes. Things are going to be shipped all over the world and the mail takes time depending on where it is coming from.

Thank you ALL for making CDO what it is!!!

Now for the winners!!!

Artist – License number:

Ash Evans – 3113

Anna Marine – 3041

Caron Vinson:
1st place – 2016
2nd Place – 2890
3rd Place – 3836

Carrie Hawks – 4842

Chartity Dauenhauer – 4842

Concetta Kilmer – 1018

Dean Yeagle – 4155

Dirk Richter:
1st Place – 4190
2nd Place – 2513

Enamorte – 2930

Jasmine Becket-Griffith – 2091

Karen Middleton:
1st place – 1018
2nd Place – 1960
3rd Place – 1242

Maigan Lynn:
1st place – 4842
2nd Place – 1635

1st place – 4067
2nd Place – 4663
3rd Place – 5055

Maryline Cazenave – 4519

Nicole Brune – 2419

PinUp Toons – 3594

Rachel Anderson – 3580

Rene Kunert – 4624

Ted Hammond – 4150

Custom Scrap Winners:

Hungry Hill 2186

Chichi Designz – 1387

WDDesignz – 1162

Ladyhawwk Designs – 4981

Honored Scraps – 1074

Foxys Designz – 3729 and 1172

Rebel Dezigns – 3004 and 4943

Babycakes Scraps – 4842

Creative Crazy Scraps – 4155

Schnegge’s Scraps – 4842

Monti’s Scraps – 1101

Tasha’s Playground – 4222

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