CDO's Bonus Tube Bonanza Is Back!



Its that time of year for our annual Bonus Tube Bonanza!!!! Make sure you read this whole post so you know what qualifies and what doesn’t.

2011, 2012 and 2013 bonus tubes is a free for all – Buy $10.00 worth of TUBES ONLY and get 1 FREE retired 2011, 2012 or 2013 bonus tube.
Artists Bundle kits $5.00 counts towards the $10.00 spentNo other kits count towards the $10.00 spent.

Buy $20.00 worth of tubes pick 2 FREE retired bonus tubes from 2011, 2012 or 2013. Spend $30 get 3 FREE etc… $10.00 spent must be after discounts.
If you are buying a scrap bundle then only $5.00 counts towards the tubes spent.

2014 bonus tubes:
Spend $10.00 on the specific artist to get one of their 2014 retired bonus tubes. You can get more than one just remember it is $10.00 spent on the artist artwork you are wanting to get a 2014 retired tube of ($10.00 spent must be after discounts)

Gift Certificates can NOT be cashed in for bonus tubes.
Bonus tubes can NOT be gifted.
Exclusive tubes can not be added to the total amount spent
Diamond Club tubes are not included in this offer.

You can see all the retired tubes here:

If you are buying a scrap bundle then only $5.00 counts towards the tubes spent. Example: You buy LHD-PinUpToons-190 and tube package PinUp Toons 191 both of these are 2014 both packages equal $5.00 each towards the bonus tubes. So you have a total towards tubes of $10.00 for either a 2014 bonus tube or 2011, 2012, or 2013. ($10.00 spent after discounts)

You can order more than once during this promotion but each order counts as its own. Meaning you can not order 4 or 5 times and group the sum total for bonus tube. Each order that qualifies you would cash in for a bonus tube. Moneys left over does not carry over towards another order for qualifying. So make sure if you are wanting a retired bonus tube you hit the $10.00 mark on that order to get the freebie.

Once you have ordered please forward your order to with your license number.

Please let us know what retired tube/tubes you would like.  We need the artist name, the month and the year.  Please do not send in the graphics to the bonus tube you would like.
Please allow up to 48 hours to get your retired goodies!

This is not retro active.  This promotion starts 9am PST Monday 14th July and ends 9pm PST July 31st 2014. You have 2 weeks to grab all the retired bonus tubes you missed!!!!!  This is the only tube bonanza of the year so hopefully you can pick up a few!!!

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