We are holding a special for you called Mystery Shoppers!!


We are holding a special for you called Mystery Shoppers!!

Here’s how the mystery shoppers special works…

This is starting right now and runs until  Monday June 23rd 9PM PST.
What is a mystery shopper? Well I cant tell you the full details until Tuesday…

But orders that are placed and qualify from now till all the way through Monday June 23rd 9pm. Orders that qualify will be sent an email of what it got them on June 24th. It can be a discount code for the rest of the month, it could be free tubes, free retired bonus tubes or free scrap kits. It will always get you at least 1 free tube. But its a mystery until its over!!!!  If you guys like it then we will run it again from time to time but it will be a different qualify and different winnings.

I know what this months requirements are and what you will be getting! But again its a secret until Tuesday!!! I will be PMing Claire (our CDO manager) the requirements right after this post and Tuesday when we announce what they were I will also include a screenshot of the pm with a date and time stamp. So you guys know this was all planned ahead of time.

Again this is something totally different that we’ve only done a few times before in the CDO Yahoo & Facebook groups but wanted to do something fun and different for everyone!!!

So just know that when you shop over the next few days you just might be qualifying for some free tubes, a discount code, some free kits, or one or two things -you just never know!
Orders will not be combined, so when you place an order do it in one shot as you don’t know what the qualifying amount is.
All qualifying orders win the same thing, and Tuesday morning you will be emailed the details of what you get!

Each order you place during this event can win if it is qualifies!!!

What is NOT included towards the mystery shopper is Diamond Memberships or Exclusive tubes.
When we look at your orders if you have either on your order we will subtract that from the total everything else on your order will qualify towards the mystery shopper.

All times are CDO time (PST) and you can find the clock on the left side of our store: www.cdoestore.com

We will send a newsletter with what the mystery shoppers got on Tuesday 24th June!

Here’s a run-down of this months special offers at CDO!

Here’s the FREE BONUS TUBE offers we have running this month. You do not need to email in for them, they will be sent to you once we see your order during office hours.

You can get 20% OFF our Artists Of The Week until Sunday night @ 10PM PST!! And don’t forget if you spend $10 on their tubes you can get a retired bonus tube of theirs FREE!



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