Hi Everyone!!

Here are the winners from Day Three of our Lucky Event 4:48am March 18th 2014 to 7:04pm March 19th all times CDO time (PST).
We had 3 groups of 10 for a total of 6 winners!

Order numbers 345684 and 345688
Order numbers 345695 and 345701
Order numbers 345704 and 345711

When picking your goodies:
Please remember these can not be gifted.
Your freebies can not be from our retiring artist or Exclusive artists.
Freebies can not be from our new March releases.

Take a look at your order number to see what you won!

Tier One: Spend $1.85-4.99 for a chance to win a free tube!
Tier Two: Spend $5.00-8.99 for a chance to win a single IB scrap kit and matching tube!
Tier Three: Spend $8.00-12.99 for a chance to win a regular 3 pack!
Tier Four: Spend $13.00-29.99 for a chance to win a Scrap Kit bundle kit.
Tier Five: Spend $25.00 or more in the store for a chance to win all 4 tiers.

Please email customerhelp@creativedesignoutlet.com with your order number and the goodie or goodies you would like!!!

If you didn’t win this time keep those fingers crossed for next time!!
Find out how you can win in this Lucky Event below!!

Congratulations to all of the winners!!

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