If you have won a prize please go to this page to see what you have won and if it’s a your choice on a print then please let us know what one you choose.


Please email  kelly@creativedesignoutlet.com

We need your full name, mailing address for those that need something shipped to them and what you have won. Karen Middleton second place for example. Or Dirk Richter 2nd place with the name of the print you want this is another example. To try and save on emailing back and forth the more information you give us the first time the faster we can expedite your new goodies. If you have won something that is not a tangible item then email us with what you won and we will go from there.

Everyone that has won something we need your CDO License number and Order number and what you have won.

Those that are getting something snail mailed to them we need your full mailing address along with all the other information. Items may not ship until the first of March. The deadline to claim your prize/prizes is February 28th 2014 9PM CDO Time. After that they are gone and will be put up for offer again at a later date.  Please allow six weeks for delivery before emailing us that you have not yet received your prize/prizes. Things are going to be shipped all over the world and the mail takes time depending on where it is coming from.
Thank  you ALL for making CDO what it is!!!


For the winners please click on continue reading.


Jonathan Earl Bowser – Order number 343399 CDO-2134

CuddlyRigorMortis – Order number 343127 CDO-2393

Jennifer Janesko – Order number 342899 CDO-1311

Maryline Cazenave – Order number 343333 CDO-2569

KennyK – Order number 343487 CDO-1555

Dave Nestler – Order number 343575 CDO-2569

Concetta Kilmer – Order number 343688 CDO-1983

PinUp Toons – Order number 343816 CDO-3004

Ash Evans – Order number 343778 CDO-1011

Caron Vinson

· 1st Place: Order number 343481 CDO-3836

· 2nd Place: Order number 343746 CDO-1098

Rene Kunert

· 1st Order number 343488 CDO-3895

· 2nd Order number 343800 CDO-4690

· 3rd Order number 343630 CDO-2233


· 1st Order number 342907 CDO-1130

· 2nd Order number 343419 CDO-2315

· 3rd Order number 343304 CDO-2091


· 1st Order number 343020 CDO-1101

· 2nd Order number 343259 CDO-1022

· 3rd Order number 343512 CDO-2738

Karen Middleton

· 1st Order number 343196 CDO-1244

· 2nd Order number 343582 CDO-1878

· 3rd Order number 343547 CDO-3358

Dirk Richter

· 1st Order number 343075 CDO-1950

· 2nd Order number 343665 CDO-1362

Personalized Scrap Kits won:


· Order number 342936 CDO-1710

· Order number 343541 CDO-3673


· Order number 343184 CDO-3667


· Order number 343418 CDO-1299

· Order number 343378 CDO-1370

· Order number 343788 CDO-1103


· Order number 343425 CDO-4505

· Order number 343598 CDO-3895


· Order number 343597 CDO-1074

· Order number 343811 CDO-3762


· Order number 343410 CDO-1366

· Order number 343592 CDO-1803

· Order number 342980 CDO-4446


· Order number 343796 CDO-4762

· Order number 343552 CDO-3338

· Order number 343563 CDO-1545

Hungry Hill

· Order number 343578 CDO-3491

· Order number 343800 CDO-4690

· Order number 343692 CDO-1947

Rebel Designs

· Order number 343690 CDO-2317

· Order number 343630 CDO-2233

· Order number 343683 CDO-1045


· Order number 343672 CDO-1045



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