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Please welcome pinup art of Akkasshaa to CDO!!!  She is starting with 7 tube packs and one matching bundle kit from Ladyhawwk Designs! And there’s also 9 ‘Inspired By’ scrap kits that match her tubes and don’t forget IB kits can be used with any artists tubes!

Here’s her first packs available at CDO – enjoy!!


Akkasshaa Package 1Akkasshaa Package 1



Akkasshaa Package 2Akkasshaa Package 2


Akkasshaa Package 3Akkasshaa Package 3

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Akkasshaa Package 4Akkasshaa Package 4



Akkasshaa Package 5Akkasshaa Package 5


Akkasshaa Package 6Akkasshaa Package 6



Akkasshaa Package 7Akkasshaa Package 7






Akkasshaa Inspired By Scrap KitsAkkasshaa Inspired By Scrap Kits



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