It’s time for CDO’s ‘Artists Of The Week’ (AOTW) where there will be 2 CDO artists in the spotlight to give you guys 20% OFF their tubes & images for a whole week (Monday – Sunday 10pm PST)!

Their tube packs, singles & scrap kits have already been marked down in the store so no code is needed & the price will drop when you go through to the checkout.
That’s $1.48 for an individual tube, $4.00 for a three pack, $5.20 for a four pack, $2.40 for a MEGA tube & $6.80 for a regular scrap kit bundle pack – awesome!!
*Combo packs are not included in this deal as they are always 20% off.

And you can pick up a FREE RETIRED BONUS TUBE too!!

If you spend $10 (AFTER any discounts) on AOTW tubes and you can pick a retired bonus tube of that artist for FREE!! Just forward your receipt to with your choice of freebie and we’ll send it to you!  Retired bonus tubes can be found HERE:


'Artists Of The Week'


Here’s the retired bonus tube you can get…(Archie does not have any yet)

Dean Yeagle July 2012Dean Yeagle July 2012

Here is just a few of their tube packs and scrap-tube bundles


Archie Dickens Package 27Archie Dickens Package 27





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Archie Dickens Package 23Archie Dickens Package 23



Dean Yeagle Package 47Dean Yeagle Package 47



Archie Dickens Package 28Archie Dickens Package 28



Dean Yeagle Package 48Dean Yeagle Package 48




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