We’re extending our Luck Of The Irish Event!!

This special now ends March 17th @ 9pm PST & there’s a 30% chance that you can win some freebies!

Anyone can win!!

Here are the winners from yesterday, March 15th 2013!!

We had 4 groups of 10 for a total of 12 winners!

Order numbers 331451, 331455, and 331457
Order numbers 331461, 331464, and 331465
Order numbers 331472, 331474, and 331476
Order numbers 331481, 331487, and 331489
Order numbers 331491, 331494, and 331498
Order numbers 331500, 331505, and 331509
Order numbers 331512, 331514, and 331517

Please remember you can not choose from this months releases and the freebies can not be gifted.

Take a look at your order number to see what you won!

Tier One: Spend $1.85-4.99 for a chance to win a free tube!
Tier Two: Spend $5.00-7.99 for a chance to win a single IB scrap kit and matching tube!
Tier Three: Spend $8.00-11.99 for a chance to win a regular 3 pack!
Tier Four: Spend $12.00-20.99 for a chance to win a Scrap Kit bundle kit.
Tier Five: Spend $25.00 or more in the store for a chance to win all 4 tiers.

Please email customerhelp@creativedesignoutlet.com with your order number and the goodie or goodies you would like!!!

There’s still 2 more days to shop and win!!
We will send another newsletter tomorrow with today’s winners!!!

Good Luck Everyone & Congratulations to all of the winners!!
Click the link below to read how to win!

Luck of the Irish Event


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