Welcome to CDO Jason Patterson


We are delighted to welcome the gorgeous pinup artwork of Jason Patterson to CDO today!! He is launching with 10 tube packages and for the next 2 DAYS ONLY only they are


So after you’ve placed your order just write into CustomerHelp@creativedesignoutlet.com with your choice of freebie!
*This offer is for packages only, not single tubes.Packs must be equal or lesser value.

This offer ends at 9am PST Friday 19th October 2012.

You can also kick-start your Jason Patterson collection by purchasing his combo pack! That’s any 10 regular packages for the price of 8!!

Please click on continue reading to see a selection of his art.


Jason Patterson Package 2Jason Patterson Package 2



Jason Patterson Package 3Jason Patterson Package 3



Jason Patterson Package 6Jason Patterson Package 6


Jason Patterson Package 8Jason Patterson Package 8



Jason Patterson Custom Combo 10Jason Patterson Custom Combo 10


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