2012 Sale At CDO!!!


We’re having a sale on all our tubes & scrap kits in the Sport & Leisure, Patriotic, Summer & Country Themed Kits categories!!
Everything in these categories is now

20.12% OFF!

The tubes & scrap kits in these categories have already been marked down in the store so no code is needed & the price will drop when you go through to the checkout.

That’s $1.48 for an individual tube & $2.40 for a mega tube – awesome!!
Scrap kits are all differently priced so Inspired By kits in these categories are now $1.60, mini kits are $2.80, full sized kits are $4.39 & mega kits are $6.39 – more awesomeness!!!!

This sale starts NOW and ends 10pm PST Sunday 12th August 2012 – so don’t miss them!!

Continue Reading to see a small sample of what is there.


Deacon Black (S&L) 58-1Deacon Black (S&L) 58-1



Ken Morton (Patriotic) 15-3Ken Morton (Patriotic) 15-3



Michael Landefeld (Summer) 24-2

Michael Landefeld (Summer) 24-2









Garrett Blair (Sport) 38-3Garrett Blair (Sport) 38-3


Archie Dickens (Patriotic) 53-3Archie Dickens (Patriotic) 53-3


Gennadiy Koufay (Summer) 57-3Gennadiy Koufay (Summer) 57-3



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