Chrissy Clark Bonus Tube April 2012


We have 2 NEW PACKS from Chrissy Clark released today with a FREE BONUS TUBE offer!!  This bonus tube has got tons and tons of assorted layers for Easter. She’s like the paper doll bonus tube that was available in December & February, you can dress her in so many different ways!

And Diamond Club members that qualify for this bonus tube will also get a special outfit!  Chrissy will be bringing out a mega tube like this for other Holidays coming up this year too!

So from now until 10pm PST 30th April 2012 just spend $10 or more (AFTER any discounts) on any Chrissy Clark tubes and we will email you your free Chrissy Clark bonus tube automatically during CDO business hours, you do not even need to email in for it!

Chrissy Clark Bonus Tube April 2012Chrissy Clark Bonus Tube April 2012


And here’s the new packs…

Chrissy Clark Package 10Chrissy Clark Package 10


Chrissy Clark Package 11Chrissy Clark Package 11


And as Chrissy now has over 10 packages at CDO you can now buy her combo pack!  That’s any 10 packages for the price of 8!!

Please note, this combo pack is for her regular tubes, NOT her mega tube packs.

Chrissy Clark Custom Combo 10Chrissy Clark Custom Combo 10



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