Valentine's SALE!!

This sale has ended

We are having a Valentine’s SALE!! All of our Valentine themed tubes are only $1.50!!!Once you add them to your cart the price will drop down. And this sale ends 10pm PST 13th February 2012 – so don’t miss them!!

See  just a small selection of what’s there by clicking on continue reading



Anna Marine (Valentines) 13-2Anna Marine (Valentines) 13-2


Ted Hammond (Valentines) 65-1Ted Hammond (Valentines) 65-1


Dean Yeagle (Valentines) 42-1Dean Yeagle (Valentines) 42-1



Suzanne Richards (Valentines) 11-3Suzanne Richards (Valentines) 11-3


Jasmine Becket-Griffith (Valentines) 11-2Jasmine Becket-Griffith (Valentines) 11-2


Jennifer Janesko (Valentines) 107-3Jennifer Janesko (Valentines) 107-3





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